Transurfing, is the art and science of knowing and managing one's own personal choices in life.


Transurfing is a safe training platform for anyone aware of the need for successful  and harmonious development.

We use scientific proven methods and concepts from the series of books “Reality Transurfing” written by Russian, Quantum Physics Researcher, Vadim Zeland, together with my own and the team's many years research in Integrated Medicine, Neuroscience and Natural Bio Energetic Medicine fields.


The Transurfing method is a living, evolving process, changing with the needs of the participants and on the basis of past experienced results. The exercises and activities are designed to deal with the transformation of issues related to all aspects of life, involving stress, money, anxieties, fears, sex, gender, addictions and all types of relationships...


Transurfing offers a way to cooperate with the individual need for real Knowledge, it works in a radically new way, very, very, different from that to which you are accustomed.


Through knowledge of how the world around you operates, you will be free to choose and manage your life. Therefore having a direct influence in the raising of your own and mankind's collective vibration field.


A new way of living. A new perception of oneself as a Master of Reality. Directly and positively influencing events, it's results and relationships between people.


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Transurfing in the workplace, actively contributes to the integration and development of staff relations, through using knowledge of practical methods directly related to actual working situations. 


Our objective is to guide all participants, from theory to practice of the concepts, in the real world, thus leading to achievement of their needs and goals in life.


A confident empowered employee is a creative one that makes your business succeed.


This is real, easy to implement and possible!